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Steve Luck

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I am starting to research where to order router bits so I thought I would ask here first. I have some 1½" thick Duna HDU foamboard I need to cut and my bits are too short. Where do you buy longer bits? I will need at least a 2" overall length for future use with at least a 1" cutting length on the bit. ¼" would be best since I will use it for mainly profile cuts.

I have looked in the magazines and see some distributors advertising router bits and have done a search online for CNC router bit suppliers. Some don't list the length of the bit which is frustrating. I am not concerned with finding the
lowest price but prefer a quality bit that will stay sharp for a while. We all know you get what you pay for so I am
interested in what everyone has been using and if they are satisfied.

I have been to a few big box stores but the bits are usually short ones which are fine if I am only cutting ½" material!
For now, I don't think I would need a bit any longer than 2½", but I have seen a few suppliers listing 3" as their shortest bit which would work too.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sign-cerely, Steve
Dan Sawatzky

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I use Onsrud bits and they make tapered long bits which I believe are four inches long in total. I use the 3/8" bit a lot. I use the 1/8" tapered but (1/4" shank) for all of my finish routing. I believe they sell online but I get my bits through my local MultiCam dealer.


Dan Sawatzky
Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

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Talk about timely information! Thanks Steve for asking the question as I am starting to cut a lot of 2" stock these days. Thanks Dan for taking the time to answer. I just bought a new set of collets for Christmas and now have a 3/8" for my machine!


Mike Schnorr

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I recently bought from
I picked up a 4" long, 1/2" diameter tapered BN cutter with 2" flute length, 1/4" tip, 3 degrees. I also got a 4" long, 1/4" diameter BN with a L.O.C. of 1.5"
1/4" was $25.95 and the 1/2" tapered was $59.00
Came from U.S. to Canada in 4 days!
I LOVE the 1/2" tapered cutter, I can plow through material with that thing, HA HA HA

Jamie Oxenham

Steve Luck

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That sounds like a pretty good deal on bits. Thanks Jamie.
I would like to hear from others about what websites they have found that sell router bits.
I have been doing a few searches but we've been kind of busy at my shop so my search
time is short. (usually during lunch)
I tried to visit the ONSRUD site, but they don't show the length of the bits in their descriptions.
Maybe I'm not looking in the right place so maybe someone who is familiar with ONSRUD can
explain it to me.
I haven't tried looking for a BELIN website yet, but I hear that they make good bits.
I did buy a FREUD V carve bit from our local hardware store and it cuts very nice.
I spoke with Gary Beckwith yesterday about his bits. He also has ONSRUD bits on his He was very helpful but I had a hard time with his website
kicking me off! It could be my computer but I will try it again later.

Anyone have any favorite websites for router bits that you don't mind sharing?

Sign-cerely, Steve

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