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Dan Sawatzky

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We are doing a whole lot of signs for our current ten month long project. Each week we polish off another one or two.  One of this week's projects was a double sign with a sculpted tree holding it up. It's coming along nicely. The Carousel sign is finished. The mesh file of the horse came from It's a beauty! Hailey, one of my crew members did the painting.

Here's the quicky concept drawing for the sign I did for the client to get an idea of what we proposed. He signed off on the concept instantly.

And the back of the sign in progress

Here's the crew carving the tree

And the tree carved

The other sign (of the pair) is for the Balloon Adventure ride. Jenessa is in charge of this one. She's been on our crew only a couple of months. This is her second sculpture - ever.

We are having a blast on this project from beginning to end. We currently are running with fourteen employees and going full tilt. A lot of work gets done each day!  [smile]

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky
Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

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That looks great Dan. I secretly wish I had 10 month deadlines! I bet it looks even better standing in front of it!

Jamie Oxenham


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I was just looking at this the other day and now it is finished? Looks great! Keep on sending me inspiration!!!!


Mike Schnorr
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