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I am a new member and it seems that no has to date put any pictures of their machines etc. on here yet so thought that i would start it off.
It does seem from what I have looked at so far that most of you have production made machines but me I have built my own 5 axis router as it was the only way that I could afford to have such a machine, it runs using Mach3 and a CSMIO 6 axis controller supplied by CS-Labs in Poland.
In the first picture you will see that I am using a water cooled spindle which runs as perfect as it could I have changed it though as can be seen in the second picture to an air cooled one purely because the water pipes kept getting in the way.
The machine is used for hobby work making 3D models for friends and family.
Do hope that this is the right place to put this and that is what the forum is about, machines and the work that we all do?

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Brian Harnett

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Wow I got to say I am impressed a 5 axis machine that is really nice, it looks very well made what kind of cam software is used?

Darren Salyer

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Very impressive looking machine.
Well Done, Sir.

Darren Salyer

60x144 MechMate
Aspire v4.0 software

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Thanks for posting Alan! Your machine looks great! This is the place to post it, as well as the creative work you do on it. Do you have any video's of it running you can embed for us?

Jamie Oxenham


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Thanks for all your kind words much appreciated, when I get round to sorting out a video camera and I am using all 5 axis I shall be very glad to post here.
As for cam software, for 5 axis I am using Mastercam and for 3 axis I use Aspire, I do have a demo copy of Delcam's Alphacam but have not had the chance to have a look at it yet.
Will keep you updated.
Jason Hakki

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Very well done! I've also built my own machine but it's only a 3 axis. Can you describe how you built your 4th and 5th axis, where you got the parts, and their cost. I am interested in doing this myself eventually.

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Very nicely done Alan. Is the multi-axis head self/custom built as well?

It appears that you've mounted the rails directly to the slots in the aluminum extrusions; is that correct and, if yes, has it worked out in terms of alignment, straightness and rigidity? I also notice that you appear to have fastened the horizontal and vertical gantry extrusions directly with machine screws. Just wondering how you chose to cut the horizontal member to ensure that everything was truly perpendicular - milled at a machine shop perhaps? Does the table base provide enough rigidity?

I ask these questions because I'm impressed with the solid looking simplicity of the approach.

Only if convenient, would you consider either posting or emailing some additional pictures as I'm thinking of building one and, if successful, selling my Shopbot.

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