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I use Gerber ArtPath software. I just wanted to announce it so if there are other users of it and we have questions we can connect.
Ernie Balch

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I haven't looked at Artpath in years.

We started out with Casmate  which was a wonderful program years ahead of the competition then upgraded to a very buggy Inspire program which was abandoned during the merger with Flexi.  I got Gerber Artpath along with my Edge printer software about 12 years ago .  It was a proprietary format and I didn't have a gerber router so it  just sat on a shelf.  I think it was quite limited compared to Casmate and Inspire. We upgraded to omega but abandoned it after seeing Signlab 6.  We are currently 2 versions behind in Signlab.  Now days I use Corel for the laser an Aspire for the ShopBot,  Diane still uses Casmate and Signlab.

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