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A few months ago I had been contacted to create a Greek inspired trident for a fashion show by Ryan Amore. Originally I planned to have some of the components CNC cut on a router, but having just gotten a small stereolithography (SL) 3D printer I decided to go with 3D printed parts for everything, especially since some parts I planned would be tough to do on CNC. The forks and the diamond pommel would have been ideal on CNC in terms of time, but I wanted to experiment.

I always forget to take all the progress photos that I should, but I fortunately remembered to get some of each stage this time.

A few photos of some of the parts direct off the printer and with their supports removed.

The SL prints needed very little clean up at the resolution I chose to print at, some sanding then hit them with some filler primer and sanded again and that made them clean enough for a final primer layer before paint.

Final paint

The final product, photos courtesy of Ryan Amore

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Looks good namebrand!
This is perfect for the forum! Thanks for sharing you high quality work!
Can we see some pics of your printer?

Jamie Oxenham


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Sure thing, here's a quick picture of it.
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