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Dan Sawatzky

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In our shop we use 30 and 40 lb Precision Board exclusively. While the heavier weight high density urethane board definitely costs more than lighter weights I would argue the heavier weight board actually saves us money. The better quality board is easy to sell too. I have samples of the lighter weight HDU in my shop. I show my customers how easy it is ti run my fingernail into one of these and then hand them a piece of 30 lb Precision Board to try. It is an instant sale every time.

The heavier board routes at the same speeds as lighter boards. It holds fine detail exceptionally well. It is much less fragile. This alone makes the product a good buy. If we spend endless hours on a project and then set it on our bench and perhaps on something like a screw. The lighter weights easily dent, making a repair necessary. The heavier weights don't do that. Out in the field the heavier weights withstand everyday abuse much better.

Thirty and forty pound board also need less work to prime them and make them ready for paint. Glue lines certainly show less on the heavier boards as well.

We also use Coastal Enterprises' glues and primer for our projects. The one part glue is like gorilla glue but expands and foams up a little less. They also make a fast set version of this glue should you be in a hurry. Their heavy bodies water based primer is sands easily and can be used to add even more texture to our signs.

I'd recommend everyone give it a try.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky
Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation
Doug Haffner

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Something I want to add:
Don't judge the Coastal Enterprise line of HDU purely on an experience you may have had or will have with the 15lb. or less material.
I serves a purpose, but is certainly different.  Once you get above 15lb. it is far less "grainy".  Not to say the 15lb. doesn't perform, I just know there are those that don't love the 15lb. due to the texture.

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I finally managed to convince my supplier to stock 30# PB. My latest project was hand carved in 30# and it reminded me of carving Basswood. Awesome stuff and absolutely reduced my finish time over the 18#. Plus... it's so much more durable. No dings.


Ernie Balch

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I have not been able to buy 30# PB.  In fact the the official local suppliers don't stock anything, so they want me to order PB from them and wait 2 or 3 weeks.  Our sign supplier sells  15# and 18# Sign Foam and the truck comes by 2x a week with free delivery so guess what we buy?


Nice hand carving....I have that same carving set.  I took them all out to the grinder and made the angle lower so I could carve easier.  Then I put a razor edge on them, ready to use.  Somehow the box got set aside and I never did try them out.  I need to get organized, having tools scattered across multiple shops gives me lots of exercise walking back and forth.
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